Fetchr is a courier app where you can send a package to any person or GPS location using your smartphone.

The Problem or Challenge:

Current app was a bit limited and annoying to use. It also looked bad. The challenge was to make it more intuitive for users. It was a complex app, and I had to simplify and reduce the number of steps a user had to take in order to send a package.

My Role:

Create a better user journey and UX for the app, and redesign the app. Create a driver’s version of the app.

My Process:

  • I researched other courier services apps and similar apps.
  • I designed the initial app wireframes to have a simpler and more intuitive UX.
  • I revamped the app’s UI.
  • Created an interactive mockup and tested it with users to do some rapid prototyping.
  • Took notes on how users acted, where they pressed, where they looked, and what they liked and disliked.
  • Adjusted based on their feedback and came up with an improved prototype based on their feedback

My Solution & Results:

Below are some wireframes from my process…

Current app design & flow:

Not intuitive nor appealing, bad hierarchy

Current App
Option A:

Divided into many screens/steps

Suggested Option A
Option B:

Divided into What, When, & Where

Suggested Option B
Option C:

Least number of screens

Suggested Option C


Exploring navigation options:


Note that the above wireframes consist only a small portion of this huge complex project.
After several rounds of testing, feedback, and fixes, we ended up with a smooth, intuitive & good looking app.

Check out the final outcome & app’s UI here.